We have been collaborating and co-designing our solutions side by side with the most prominent electric companies for 70 years.


Nowadays, more than a half of all electrical energy in Spain is transmitted and distributed by using our equipment.


Over 25,000 cells made by MESA have been installed in substations and over 15,000  in transformation centers.


The largest electric companies in Spain have placed their trust in the quality and reliability of our equipment for distribution and transmission networks.


We are also the leading supplier  for companies like Iberdrola, Endesa, REE, HC and  E-on España.Other foreign companies have likewise placed their trust in our equipment: (Sudan), TenneT (Holland), Sonelgaz  (Algeria), Scottish Power (UK), Nyseg (USA), etc.

Compañías Eléctricas

Product Range

MESA offers a complete range of medium voltage/high voltage equipment in order to meet the distribution and transmission needs of electric companies.


Primary distribution cells:

  • A complete range of enclosed GIS cells with SF6 insulation of up to 52kV of maximum performance with a compact and consistent design.


Secondary distribution cells: 

  • Enclosed cells with SF6 insulation of up to 36kV for transformation centers.


High Voltage Isolators and Pantographs of up to 420 kV for exterior substations.


Medium Voltage aerial distribution:

  • Remotely controlled SF6 insulated interrupter - isolator of up to 52kV.
  • Tilted interrupters-isolators of up to 36kV



  • Current-limiting fuses with heat indicator of up to 36kV.